Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hsin Ku and Quads: 3 of 3

 Science-fictional hsinku and quads

Science, myth and fantasy
Future joy and sorrow;
Dreamer, come enchant me
With life beyond tomorrow.

Don’t take time trip!
Push days into spin
Make just tiny slip
You’d ain’t even been.

This book make slip;
They don’t show rite
That move that ship
More fast than lite.

“This plug,” says punk
(make such huge deal)
“fill head with junk
That ain’t even real.”

Just what does Zugs
From afar star hurl
With eyes like bug’s
Want with Urth girl?

“We come in peace,”
The green man said.
“Came we for war
You’d all be dead.”

Said robot to man
“You low human slob!
Behold my evil plan;
I’ll take your job!”

Build cities in space?
It doesn’t seem fair
Pay owners of place
Food, rent – and air.

“What is true reality?
Computer, say the word!”
It answered with finality,
“Your question is absurd.”

“I seek your boss,”
The star man sings.
“That is your loss;
We have no kings.”

Why read science fantasy
Mostly thud and blunder?
I seek marvels, mystery,
Vision, sense of wonder.

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