Friday, June 2, 2017

Underfable: World Spin

          World Spin

          Once upon a time, a Materialist grown to Godhood grew weary of the weird chaotic uncertainty of his Universe. So he built Constructors, and he powered them up, and he said unto them,
          “Access Ultraspace, and from that data-flow create a Universe. May that Universe be a regular, orderly, logical material Machine, intelligently designed for its intelligently-designed inhabitants. Enact this plan within Budget.”
          And lo! The Constructors let there be Light; and they separated Light from Darkness; and from these they built crystal spheres, each within the next, bristling with stars and planets and Sun and Moon and epicycles; and at the center Earth. On Earth the Constructors devised plants and animals and human beings; and they taught those human beings fire and speech and writing and agriculture; and then the Constructors withdrew to Ultraspace.
          Millennia passed on that world. One day, a Mystic grown to Enlightenment grew weary of the dull clockwork predictability of her Universe. So she evoked Angels, and she blessed them, and she said unto them,
          “Tap into the Great Chi, and from that energy create a Universe. May that Universe be a wild, free, powerful mystic Mind, and may it evolve, by chance and necessity, inspired inhabitants.  Make this miracle beyond Belief.”
          And lo! The Angels sparked a Singularity; and they inflated it into a Universe; and they gathered its gas and dust into galaxies and stars and planets. One of those septillions of planets was Earth; on which life evolved by variation and natural selection. Human beings evolved; they invented civilization, which produced the Materialist.
The Materialist inspected his monitor, and the Mystic her crystal ball. Both, astonished, saw that the loop had closed. They had created each other’s worlds, and within those worlds, each other.

          Moral: Spin makes the world go ’round.

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