Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sermon on the P.C.

    Sermon on the P.C.

            Blessed be the dysfunctional; for theirs is the plea-bargain.

            Blessed be the differently abled; for theirs is the euphemism.

            Blessed be the victims; for theirs is the publicity.

            And blessed be the agitated; for theirs is the agenda.

            Verily I say unto thee;

            that false is true, and no is yes, and black is white;

            that lose is win, and down is up, and left is right;

            that liberals enslave and conservatives destroy;

            and prohibition enriches the unlawful

            and repression excites the unlovable

            and censorship proclaims the unspeakable.

            When war is peace, then weakness is strength;

            when lies are truth, then folly is wisdom;

            and when love is sin, then only sinners may love.

            Blessed be prudery, conformity and hypocrisy.

            The saviors of fallen women secretly preach

            that all women are damaged goods, none strong or free.

            Consider the separatists; they shall attain disunity.

            Those who hunger for recovered memory

            shall receive brand-new memories;

            and those who crusade against invisible abuse

            shall find what they seek, be they right or wrong.

            For blessed be the fearful; they shall fear themselves.

            Blessed be the dictatorship of the spiritual proletariat.

            And blessed be the more-radical-than-thou;

            for they shall affirm the Old Ways.

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