Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What is the Law?

         What is the Law?

            Beset by crime, fools seek justice from government; but government pays if and only if crime pays! Behold; the State decrees that only the State shall rob; only the State shall enslave; only the State shall kill; only the State shall break the law; and that, says the State, is the whole of the law; all the rest is commentary!

            But what is the Law? What is the real Law, the true Law; the Law that moves the sun and other stars? What is the Law that makes the world what it is?

            Not the liar’s Law, not the lawyer’s Law; not the Law that tries to justify itself; but the mathematics of being; mind’s physics and matter’s psychology. What is the Law that makes us who we are? Not the Law of cops and crooks, not the quarrel of twins, not the human fight, but the cosmic balance.

            For crime is not justice; war is not peace; slavery is not freedom; ignorance is not wisdom; and force is not law.

            The Law that must be enforced is not the true Law.

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