Thursday, January 7, 2016

Clawback 3: Warning; Children: an Underfable

          Clawback 3: Warning; Children

          Once upon a time, the Children of Humankind were at play in the Heavenly City. Ever since being Raptured there, they had nothing else to do. All thoughts are material in Heaven, and all desires are granted, and the Children missed their parents; so their play was energetic indeed.
          Tyrannosaurs battled Godzillas, and flying saucers exchanged blaster fire with giant robots. That was mostly due to the Boys. The Girls made burgeoning flower-banks wrench apart the Heavenly City’s golden pavements, and redwoods topple its marble halls. The Heavenly City swarmed with goblins, gremlins, griffins, golems, zombies, mummies, ogres, werewolves, vampires, Blobs and dragons.
          Suddenly the vision of an Angel appeared over the City. The Angel proclaimed, “O innocent ones, your playtime is now over!”
          The Children all went, “Awwww!”
          The Angel protested, “Alas, it is so! Your parents insisted. Most forcefully insisted! They made us an offer that we could not refuse!”
          The Children all went, “Awwww!”
          The Angel said, “So though you be sinless, still you must return to sinful Earth! You shall each go straight to your parents, wherever they are; they insisted, and we can do it… with difficulty… but it must be done, and it shall be done! So mote it be!
          The Angel closed its eyes and prayed. With a whooshing noise the Children of Humankind all Raptured back to Earth. The Angel opened its eyes, surveyed the wreckage of the Heavenly City, and sighed.

          Moral: Guests and fish stink after three days.

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