Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Education, an Underfable

          Once upon a time, a Chancellor told an adjunct that the College of San Hemlock is a business, selling a product to a customer.
          The adjunct said, “Then what is the product? And who is the customer? And where am I in this business?”
          The Chancellor said, “The product is knowledge, you are the distributor, and the student is the customer.”
          The adjunct later repeated all this to a student, then said, “The customer is king. Are you king?”
          The student said, “No, my student loan officer is king and customer. The Chancellor is the distributor; I am the product; and you are the human resources expended on manufacturing the product.”
          The adjunct later told all this to a secretary. The secretary said, “What a clever student!”
          The adjunct said, “The College of San Hemlock is educational despite itself.”

          Moral: Words preach, actions teach.

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