Monday, January 18, 2016

Cosmic Riddles

      Cosmic Riddles

          Q: Which came first, dawn or dusk?
          A: A circle has no beginning.

          Q: In an instant, how fast is an arrow?
          A: It flies at every speed.

          Q: Why is night dark?
          A: Because the universe is expanding.

          Q: What is the speed of darkness?
          A: The same as the speed of light.
          Q: But what is the speed of light?
          A: The same for everybody.

          Q: Is light a wave or a particle?
          A: That depends on how you look at it.
          Q: How did the cat cross the lawn?
          A: By a sum over every path.

Q: When did the wind shift?
          A: When a butterfly flapped its wings.

          Q: Why did the apple fall?
          A: Because space-time is curved.

          Q: Why don’t I fall through the floor?
          A: Because electrons have spin one-half.

          Q: Why doesn’t the Earth stop turning?
          A: Because to physics, all directions are alike.

          Q: Why doesn’t the sun go out?
A: Because to physics, all times are alike.

Q: Why doesn’t the moon fall from the sky?
A: Because to physics, all places are alike.

          Q: Why don’t rivers run backwards?
          A: Because you can’t unscramble an egg.
          Q: Then why can’t you unscramble an egg?
          A: Because rivers don’t run backwards.

          Q: Is there intelligent life in the universe?
          A: How would you know?

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