Friday, November 11, 2011

Underfables: The Mouse who would be Cat

The Mouse who would be Cat

          Once upon a time a Mouse heard a voice through the wall. The voice growled, “Are you tired of being prey? Does life at the bottom of the food chain get you down?”
          The Mouse squeaked, “Yes.”
          The voice through the wall mewed, “Why not take a step up? Would you like to be part of a higher life form?”
          The Mouse squeaked, “Yes!”
          The voice meowed, “Then this is your lucky day! Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Become one with a Cat!”
          The Mouse squeaked, “A Cat? Wow! But how?”
          The voice yowled, “I’ll show you! Just turn right, then left, then left at the mousehole. We’ll meet there, and you’ll join me!”
          The Mouse squeaked, “Right, left, left. Promise you’ll be there?”
          The voice through the wall purred, “Trust me.”

          The Mouse scurried right, then left, but then by mistake turned right, and entered a room with a Dog. The Dog growled, “What’s THIS, a MOUSE? Get OUT!” The Dog chased the terrified Mouse back through the mousehole. The Dog flashed fangs and barked, “RUN, RUN, RUN, YOU PEST! GO! GO! GO!”

          The Mouse ran fast and far, and lived to see another day.

            Moral:  An honest enemy is better than a false friend.


Commentary on the Underfable:
I was inspired to write this Underfable by contemplating Middle Eastern politics. Specifically, Israel's honest Hamas enemies, and Israel's American religious-right false friends. 

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