Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Underfables: Null When Void

Null When Void

          Once upon a time the parishioners of the Church of Stirch, Hew-hay and Hollo met to discuss the nonexistence of their gods.
          The flock asked, "Why do we love our imaginary friends?"
          The High Priest said, "Because we made them in our image. They're fictions, but they're our fictions."
          The flock asked, "The Three are unreal, so to whom do we pray, and for what do we sacrifice?"
          The High Priest said, "What does it matter that the Three don't exist? Aren't unbelievers shunned and vilified? Don't we have most of the money? Haven't we control of City Hall? Stirch, Hew-hay and Hollo unify us, and in unity there is strength."
          The flock bowed down to the High Priest; then they prayed and sacrificed to golden Stirch, old Hew-hay and valiant Hollo.
          But their prayers were not answered, and their sacrifices were not rewarded.

            Moral:   Nonexistence has consequences.

       Commentary on the Underfable:
       Spell Hew-Hay backwards. Stirch is a similar anagram. So is Hollo, after you change the o's to another vowel.

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