Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Underfables: The Scribe Taken in Forgery

 The Scribe Taken in Forgery
            Once upon a time, a host of ghost scribes visited a Skeptic; and they 
bore with them the ghost of a scribe taken in forgery, in the very act. 
            The ghost scribes said, “He invented a fable, and he inserted it into 
a holy book, and now the people take the forgery as real. Shall we denounce 
him or not?”
            After much computation, the Skeptic replied, “May a scribe without 
lies cast the first curse!”
            Condemned by conscience, the ghosts departed, all but one. 
To that one the Skeptic said, “The verdict is: Not Proven. You didn’t do it, 
and don’t you dare do it again.”
            Moral:   Forgive this Fable!

               Commentary on the Underfable:
               The well-loved biblical tale which this Underfable plagiarizes is, alas, an "interpolation"; but I still like the story, as a story.

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