Thursday, December 1, 2011

Underfables: The Missing Link

The Missing Link    

            Once upon a time a super-intelligent Saucer Alien came in peace to teach and learn from the Humans of Earth. But the first person it encountered was a normal suburban Housewife unmoved by higher intelligence.

          She said, “Your politics are weird, your art is ugly, your poems are stupid, and your math is boring. Why should I care about this stuff?”

          The Saucer Alien said, “You mean these ideals don’t inspire you? These images don’t excite you? These verses don’t amuse you? And these equations don’t amaze you?”

          The Mother of Five shrugged. “None of it interests me.”

          The Saucer Alien said, “Then I came here for Humans, ten thousand years too soon.”

          The Suburbanite said, “I do not understand.”

          The Saucer Alien said, “But you will,” and flew away.

            Moral:  Reason has feelings that the heart does not feel.

            Commentary on the Underfable:
            This Undermoral is a reply to Pascal, who said that the heart has reasons that reason does not know. I will grant him his paradox, but he must grant mine. For the human heart to have numb spots is tragic, and the only explanation for all of human history.

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