Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Mad Scientist's Daughter

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

Hush, little baby, button your lip
Papa’s gonna launch you a rocket ship;
And if that rocket ship blows up
Papa’s gonna hatch you a Martian pup;
And if that Martian pup should bite
Papa’s gonna sky you a satellite;
And if that satellite won’t beep
Papa’s gonna clone you a mutant sheep;
And if that mutant’s got no face
Papa’s gonna fly you to cyberspace;
And if that cyberspace gets hacked
Papa’s gonna twist you a tesseract;
And if that tesseract falls flat
Papa’s gonna breed you a supercat;
And if that supercat won’t talk
Papa’s gonna forge you a robot doc;
And if that robot doc’s got bugs
Papa’s gonna mix you some wonder drugs;
And if that mixture turns you green
Papa’s gonna wind you a time machine;
And if that time machine should trip
Papa’s gonna launch you a rocket ship!

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