Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Underfables: Super-Slack


          Once upon a time a superhero counted his blessings.
          “I’m glad I have telekinesis, it really speeds up folding the laundry. I need my heat vision to light the stove. Frost breath is good for cooling soda and beer. Super-strength is handy for opening a jar of pickles, and thanks to the power of flight, I don’t have to pay for gasoline. It’s good that I have X-ray vision, to find all the things I keep losing; I’m glad I’m invulnerable, because I keep stubbing my big toe;  and I need my super-speed because I keep putting off doing things until the very last second. Before I had superpowers, how did I ever survive?”

          Moral:  Luxuries become necessities.

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