Monday, December 19, 2011

Why So Shy?

I post the following poem in honor of Christopher Hitchens.


Why So Shy?

Why, oh why, are the gods so shy?
They cannot meet a skeptic's eye.
How curious a weakness!
How marvelous a meekness!
A tiny little question mark
a query wholly void of snark
a doubt, however miniscule
the slightest hint of ridicule
shall spur the gods to cease, desist
and fission into mystic mist.
O mighty Zeus, oh what's the use?
His thunderbolt is out of juice!
O Yahweh, Allah, Christ, oy vey!
His thunderbolt has gone astray!
It's shorted by a lightning rod.
How strange and droll, how weird and odd
that doubt provoke divine collapse
and squeeze the gods into the gaps!
So why, oh why, are the gods so shy?
Why can't they meet a skeptic's eye?

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