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Good Versus Evil: a Powerpuff Fanfic

Good Versus Evil
A Powerpuff Girls Fanfic

             Synopsis:  “Him” creates evil ‘dark’ duplicates of the Powerpuff Girls, using unstable chemical V. The ploy is initially successful, but it backfires catastrophically. The Dark Girls, being evil, lack the Good Girl’s virtues, including mutual loyalty.
Scene 1. The Professor’s Nightmare
Scene 2. Good and Evil at Pokey Oaks
Scene 3. Darkness Triumphant
Scene 4. The Girls in Hell
Scene 5. Chemical V Meltdown

Scene 1. The Professor’s Nightmare
     “Him” invades Professor Utonium’s dreams, and starts to concoct his own Powerpuff Girls. ‘Him’ sets up a skull-shaped vat, and adds ingredients, as read from Professor Utonium’s unwilling mind.
     Him: “First sugar… EEVILLL SUGAR… corn syrup, high glucose! Then spice… EEVILL SPICE… red hot salsa and wasabe!!! Then everything nice… oh so nice… nice, nice, nice… EEVILL NICE! Trendy electronics! Corporate-logo-themed clothing! And non-cruelty-free makeup!!!”
     Prof. Utonium: “Your diabolical scheme cannot work, you fiend! You’d need Chemical X! Have you any?”
     Him: “No… none… no Chemical X at all… but I do have limitless supplies of…”
-                   Him snaps a giant letter X in half and brandishes the top half       -
     Him: “… Chemical V!!!
     Utonium: “No! Wait! You mustn’t!”
     Him: “Chemical V is twice as powerful as Chemical X!”
     Utonium: “But it’s unstable!
     Him adds Chemical V to the skull-vat.

Scene 2. Good and Evil at Pokey Oaks
     Professor Utonium awakes to see three Girls hovering over him. “Hi, Professor!” they chirp. He expresses relief at seeing them, but is stunned when he finds three more Powerpuff Girls still asleep in their room. Upon waking them all, he explains that three of them are good, and three of them are evil, but he can’t tell which is which. He does not notice, at first, nor does anyone else except the Powerpuff Girls, that the evil duplicates have red glowing irises.
     Baffled, the Professor sends all six Girls off to Pokey Oaks. There, both triads of Girls explain the situation to Miss Keane, and they accuse each other.
     Blossom: “She’s lying!
     Dark Blossom: “No, she’s lying!”
     Miss Keane says she’ll decide who’s evil after they’ve done something evil.
     Dark Buttercup (aside): “Heh, heh, heh, by then it’ll be too late!”
     Dark Bubbles then manipulates, lies and bullies; the Good Girls get framed for her misdeeds, and they  are expelled from Pokey Oaks.

Scene 3. Darkness Triumphant
     Dark Buttercup organizes an army of minions. She doesn’t do any fighting herself, she just uses her superpowers to intimidate the troops. The real Buttercup fights her own battles, and she doesn’t want to hurt Dark Buttercup’s minions. The minions are won over emotionally, they see Dark Buttercup for what she is; yet they are still forced to defeat Buttercup!
     Blossom and Dark Blossom both start talk radio shows. Dark Blossom bosses and insults her listeners, but in an entertaining way; Blossom is more informative but less interesting. The real Blossom calls in to Dark Blossom’s show to refute her lies; but she loses the argument to Dark Blossom’s demagoguery. The real Blossom’s show is cancelled!
     Finally there is a head-to-head super-powered battle-scene. But Chemical V is twice as powerful as Chemical X, and the Dark Girls use nasty tactics; so the Good Girls are defeated. They’re pounded into the ground, leaving jagged holes in the Townsville pavement.
     All of Townsville sees the Dark Girls for what they are (red glowing irises and all), but they nervously hail them. Him gloats to Professor Utonium.

Scene 4. The Girls in Hell
     The Good Girls fall and fall until they land in Him’s domain. They try to fight their way out, but their strongest blows hurt them. Him explains that fighting just gives Him more power.
     Him (gloating): “The Portal is sealed by hatred. It will open only for those who are loved… and there is no love… down here.” And laughing, he vanishes.
     The Powerpuff Girls contemplate Hell.
     Bubbles: “What’s wrong with this awful place?”
     Blossom: “And these crazy people?”
     Buttercup: “Ahh, they’re just bored, angry and restless. They need something fun to do instead of fighting all the time!”
     Blossom: “This place is a mess! It ought to be cleaned and straightened up!”
     Bubbles: “These poor, sad, lonely people need sweetness, joy and beauty!”
     Announcer:  “And so the Powerpuff Girls set forth, each one on a mission to improve Hell!”
     Buttercup taunts a demon: “Hey, you! Yeah, you, the ugly one! I bet you can’t hit this rock with that stick!” She pitches the rock to the demon, who bats it right back to Buttercup. “Hey, that was good! I mean evil! But can you hit this pitch?” Pretty soon she has other demons pitching and batting, and was organizing games and teams.
     Blossom borrows a witch’s broom and starts sweeping up. She scrubs and cleans and polishes and neatens up the dirty dreary obsolete palaces of infernal horror, until they are clean sparkly modern palaces of infernal horror. A demon looks at them, and with a tear in its eye said, “That’s… beautiful…
     Bubbles frolics around Hell, dancing and skipping, singing “Tra-la-la-la-la”, scattering valentines, flowers and rainbows amongst the moaners and screamers. They stop screaming, and they galumph after her, heavily skipping and raucously tra-la-la-ing.
     Soon all of Hell lightens up, until it looks just like Townsville! The demons and monsters cheer the Powerpuff Girls: “We love you!” Just then the Portal opened.
     Buttercup: “So long!”
     Bubbles: “Good luck!”
     Blossom: “Get well soon!”
     Announcer: “The Powerpuff Girls flew through the Portal, opened by love! They flew up and out and away, leaving behind them a kinder and gentler Hell!”
     Him (screams): OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!

Scene 5. Chemical V Meltdown
     The Girls arrive to a Townsville terrorized by the Dark Girl’s tyranny. The Dark Girls were in a dark cloud hovering over Townsville; within the cloud, they were eating and partying all the time; and they threw empty soda cans down onto the town, to bounce off people’s heads.
     The Dark Girls start to fight, in part because the Good Girls provoke them against each other by shooting spitballs. Dark Bubbles; “Why did you hit me with that yucky spitball?” Dark Buttercup: “You liar, I didn’t hit you with a spitball!” Dark Bubbles: “You’re the liar!” (But it was the real Buttercup who blew the spitball!) They fight; the dark cloud containing the Dark Girls spews fireballs and lightning; but the real Powerpuff Girls, seated on a white cloud nearby, gently power-puff the dark cloud away from Townsville, far over the horizon.
     The fight within the dark cloud gets worse and worse. Him cries, “No, wait, Girls!”, and Him flies into the cloud. The cloud blows up. Nuclear flash, fireball, mushroom cloud.
     The real Powerpuff Girls escape the explosion by flying away at top speed, the ravening fireball at their heels.
     They escape; they fly to Townsville. The people of Townsville yell, “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bat! It’s a blimp! It’s the real Powerpuff Girls! YAAY!”
     Him, badly battered and scorched, lands in a smoldering heap at Professor Utonium’s feet.
     Professor Utonium (smugly): “You see, I told you. I warned you about Chemical V. I said it was unstable, but did you listen to me? No.
     Announcer: “And so, once again the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!”

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