Monday, November 14, 2011

Underfables: Trickster's Bubble

    Trickster’s Bubble

      Once upon a time, Coyote the Trickster dreamed up a magnificent trick. So he trotted up to the summit of Mount Diablo, where he could see in a glance every country in the world; and from that place of power Coyote decreed, “Let there be money!”
      And there was money. Everywhere people traded for yellow metal, and slips of paper, and electronic promises. They traded this money for food and drink and clothing and shelter; but also for lies and betrayals and follies and sex. What else would you expect from Coyote?
      They bought it,” Coyote yelped; then he decreed, “Let all the money come to me!”
      The few then looted the many; then 1% owned 99%; then the last biggest owner wrote one last biggest check to Coyote, and laid it at the foot of Mount Diablo.
      But by the time Coyote trotted down from the summit, the check had already bounced.

      Moral:  May the buyer beware.

      Commentary on the Underfable:
      I wrote this Underfable in honor of the concept of Fiat Money. I asked myself; who would utter such a fiat? And for what purpose? Contemplation yielded suspect and motive.

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