Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hsin Ku and Quads: 1 of 3

      Hsin Ku and Quads

          In May of 1993, I participated in a poetry festival at Lincoln University, then in San Francisco. At this conference, Dr. Kenneth Fan called for poems of a new form: “Hsin Ku”, or “New Classic”. Its form and rules are summarized by these two hsinku I wrote:
New classic poem form;
four words, four lines
Any topic, any image
Second, fourth near rhymes.

“Let Reason rule Rhyme,”
Decreed the sage Master,
“So our audience be
(I hope) much vaster.”

I admit that I couldn’t resist some sardonicism there. I hope much vaster!
Here are some more:

A single look reveals:
Airplane left, bird right
Climbing, crossing; silent passage
In the evening light.

Me, praise a pearl?
Or its owner, ma’am?
Or its inner grit?
I praise the clam!

O love, we wonder;
Through you, I’m wise;
How deeper we see
Than only two eyes!

Mr. Fan wanted poems in honor of an ancient Chinese king who prayed for world peace. Alas, I could not resist delivering the following snark:

“May all war cease,”
The high lord sings;
But when there’s peace
Then who needs kings?

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