Monday, May 1, 2017

Three-Hand Games

          Three-Hand Games

          These two games involve triples of players using hand signals. The games are “Odd One Up” and “Triads”.

          In “Odd One Up” the three players throw a hand signal; one or two fingers. If all three players throw the same signal, then they draw. If one differs from the other two, then the odd one out wins that round.

          In “Triads”, the three players throw rock-paper-scissors hand signals. If they all throw the same signal, then they draw; a shared loss. If two are the same and one is different, then compare the pair versus the singleton by scissors over paper over rock over scissors; the singleton defeats the pair twice, or loses twice. And if the players throw three different signals, then they truce; a shared win.

          Odd One Up is a struggle for individuality. Triads tends towards a rotating truce-triple.

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