Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lion and Lamb at Peace, an Underfable

Lion and Lamb at Peace

          Once upon a time a Lion saw a Lamb lying in the grass. The Lion strolled up to the Lamb and snuffled. He said, “Hmm… internal bleeding… acute liver failure… no infections…”
The Lamb said, “... please don’t kill me...”
The Lion said, “No need to. You’ll die soon.”
The Lamb shivered. “I’m cold... so cold...”
The Lion said, “Poor thing.” The Lion laid down with the Lamb. “There, is that better?”
The Lamb said, “ohh so warm... thank you, thank you...”
“But you’re still shivering.”
“I’m scared... so scared...”
“Fear not, I’ll wait.”
“... thank you, thank you... but hyenas... leopards... other lions...”
“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”
“... thank you, thank you... but I’ve always been afraid...”
“Fear nothing,” said the Lion, “ever again.”
“For the rest of your life.”
“... thank you, thank you, thank you...”
“Poor dear Lamb,” said the Lion, “die in peace.”
The Lamb sighed. She stopped shivering and weeping. She closed her eyes and relaxed. The Lion gently licked her fur. The wind whispered through the tall grass. In the far distance a bird sang.
In the near distance a Leopard loped by. She turned to look at Lion and Lamb. The Lion glared back, bared his fangs, and growled, “Mine.” The Leopard loped away.
The Lion napped. He had nothing else to do. The Lamb eased into sleep, then deep sleep, then coma, then death.
The Lion awoke, stretched, and feasted. He said, “That was the easiest, tenderest and tastiest piece of meat – urrp – that I ever did eat.”

Moral: Motives are mixed.

Comment: The Lion was compassionate yet predatory. This puts a Biblical promise into a different light.

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