Friday, March 9, 2018

The Xi Effect

     The Xi Effect
          Or: The Incredible Shrinking Astronomer

          The Big Bang theory says:
                   Astronomers are fixed in size;
                    And the Universe is expanding.

          But the relativity of size implies that this is experimentally indistinguishable from another theory that says:
                   The Universe is fixed in size;
                   And astronomers are shrinking.

          By this theory, the Universe has always been exactly one Universe across; but the atomic structure of all observers continuously collapses, which creates the impression of an expanding universe.
          Redshift is due to shrinkage; an ancient galaxy’s light is stretched to double wavelength because we measure it with rulers of half size.
          According to astronomers, the Universe is expanding. According to the Universe, astronomers are shrinking. Which do you believe?

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