Friday, March 2, 2018

Sex Panic Resolution

Sex Panic Resolution

          Here's my prediction about the sex panic in Hollywood:

First the big men will try the Pence rule; no solitary meetings with any woman. This supposedly protects the women; actually it protects the men, and shuts out the women. But girls-have-cooties interferes with doing show business; so that won't last.
So the real issues will come out. The problem with the casting couch, lately, isn't the couch, that's a constant; it's the casting. There just haven't been many good roles and awards for actresses lately. So the actresses have been putting out for nothing. A swindle!
The actress/director bargain has long been; promotion for discretion. Jerks like Weinstein didn't deliver on their side of the bargain; he was a toll-taker on a bridge to nowhere. He was a deal-breaker; so the actresses broke the 'discretion' part of the deal. It's like labor/management friction, breaking into a strike.
So I predict that the Hollywood sex panic will end as soon as the big money funds lots of must-see flix starring chix. Those films will have good roles for older, washed-up actresses who have real dirt on the big money. That, plus a volley of Academy Awards for those older women next year, and the Hollywood sex panic will just fade away.

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