Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hsin Ku and Quads: 2 of 3

Quad Poems

“Quad” poems have four lines, four words per line, four letters per word, abab rhyme, and telegraphic grammar. Here are some:

This quad poem form;
Four word, four time
Four each word; also
Even line good rime.

Don’t rule over rime!
You’d feel like fool
When even this time
Says rime over rule.

Hill tent camp rest
Even dark sees afar
Late nite view best
Land, lake, moon, star.

Dear love, what song
What best true rime
Will show them long
This love thru time?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hsin Ku and Quads: 1 of 3

      Hsin Ku and Quads

          In May of 1993, I participated in a poetry festival at Lincoln University, then in San Francisco. At this conference, Dr. Kenneth Fan called for poems of a new form: “Hsin Ku”, or “New Classic”. Its form and rules are summarized by these two hsinku I wrote:
New classic poem form;
four words, four lines
Any topic, any image
Second, fourth near rhymes.

“Let Reason rule Rhyme,”
Decreed the sage Master,
“So our audience be
(I hope) much vaster.”

I admit that I couldn’t resist some sardonicism there. I hope much vaster!
Here are some more:

A single look reveals:
Airplane left, bird right
Climbing, crossing; silent passage
In the evening light.

Me, praise a pearl?
Or its owner, ma’am?
Or its inner grit?
I praise the clam!

O love, we wonder;
Through you, I’m wise;
How deeper we see
Than only two eyes!

Mr. Fan wanted poems in honor of an ancient Chinese king who prayed for world peace. Alas, I could not resist delivering the following snark:

“May all war cease,”
The high lord sings;
But when there’s peace
Then who needs kings?

Friday, May 26, 2017