Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Helbertian Formulation of Adeledicnander

The Helbertian Formulation of Adeledicnander

On occasion I have used the word ‘helbertian’ in my SF stories. This is because when I subscribed to Analog, they sometimes sent me a magazine addressed to Nathaniel Helbertian. I figured that a helbertian is a wave operator in quantum mechanics.  When I subscribed to F&SF, they sometimes sent me a magazine addressed to N Helleretti. I figure that the Helleretti is a tribe of mischievous sprites.
Recently I asked myself; just what kind of wave operator is a Helbertian? I have decided, for story purposes, that the Helbertian measures the intelligence of an elementary particle. You can also call it the energy of the particle’s mindfield. This makes the Helbertian fundamental to the theory of Electron Psychology, a.k.a. Adeledicnander, as cited in the A.E. Van Vogt story, “Far Centaurus”.
The Helbertian formulation of adeledicnander echoes the Hamiltonian formulation of quantum mechanics. The Helbertian is a sum of kinetic and potential psychic energy; its evolution governs the particle’s psychology. Operators commuting with the Helbertian measure concepts conserved over time.
Particles at mental rest have microscopic intelligence; but a particle thinking at near the speed of light can outwit an entire research team.
More fictitious details later, when I think of them. Must research Hamiltonian, to parody it. Suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I led a legion to the gag

I led a legion to the gag of the benighted snakes of a merry cow, and to the repugnant for Richard Stans, one naked individual, under Bob, with lizard tea and juiced ice for owl.