Friday, February 20, 2015

A Curious Duality


          A Curious Duality

          Fundamentalist religion posits that the world is intelligently designed, yet fundamentalism itself evolves along Darwinian lines, with random variation and natural selection. These religions choose their beliefs at random, and those with the fittest beliefs survive. This can be seen in the capricious irrationality of fundamentalist doctrine and practice, combined with the unexpected practicality of those irrational doctrines and practices.
          Meanwhile, science posits that the world evolves along Darwinian lines, with random variation and natural selection; yet science is (at least putatively) intelligently designed!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

On God's Mercy

       Proof of God’s Mercy Whether or Not Existent

If God exists, then God is infinitely merciful towards ignorant blasphemers; for otherwise there would not be a cleric on Earth who would survive his first sermon.
If God does not exist, then all adjectives vacuously apply to any God (for no counter-examples exist); so again, infinitely merciful.
So God is infinitely merciful to foolishly insulting theologians whether or not God exists! I guess that covers me, too. Phew!
And as for God’s self-appointed theocratic henchmen: they take action that God does not; so evidently they think themselves wiser and more powerful than God.