Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Underfables: Three Great Truths

    Three Great Truths

          Once upon a time, Bear caught Bluebird, and was about to eat him, but Bluebird said, “If you let me go, then I will teach you three great truths.”
          Bear considered this offer. Just then his head was emptier than his stomach, so he said, “Sure, why not?” and he let Bluebird go.
          Bluebird flew to the top of a pine tree. He looked down at Bear and he said, “Beauty is rare and fleeting.”
          Bear said, “All right then, what’s the second great truth?”
          Bluebird said, “Prisoners will tell any lie in order to escape.”
          “O...kay,” Bear rumbled. “And the third great truth?”
          “Never regret what is lost forever.”
          Then Bluebird flew away.

Commentary on the Underfable:
This one is unusual in several ways. First, it does not have an explicit Undermoral, but it does have three implicit ones. Also it is a cover, straight from Aesop; but what was 'a hunter' and 'a bird' in Aesop is here 'Bear' and 'Bluebird', which I think gives it a more Native-American feel.

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