Friday, November 18, 2011

Underfables: An Understanding

An Understanding

        Once upon a time a man said to God, “I forgive you for not existing.”
        And God replied, “I forgive you for not believing.”
        “Between you and me,” the man confided, “I barely exist.”
        “Between you and me,” God confided, “I barely believe.”

            Moral:  Things are tough all over!

Commentary on the Underfable:
I wrote lines 1 and 3 of this Underfable after thought and effort; but lines 2 and 4 came to me suddenly, spontaneously, unbidden; like a rhyme, or an echo, or poetic inspiration, or kibitzing from someone else. Experience has taught me three rules for spooky intimate encounters like this. Rule One: don't panic. Rule Two: play along. Rule Three: take credit afterwards. Therefore, dear reader, it was I who wrote this.

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