Friday, March 14, 2014



          Today is 3/14, “Pi Day”, so today I give you Cadaeics.
          A “cadaeic” is a mnemonic for the number pi. “Cadaeic” itself is a cadaeic, if you use the letter-code A=1, B=2, and so on; then ‘cadaeic’ spells out 3-1-4-1-5-9-3; whereas pi’s expansion is 3.1415926…; so cadaeic is good to seven places if you round to the nearest digit.
          Most cadaeics use word-length coding, for instance:

          “How I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics.”

          Counting out word lengths, that’s 3-1-4-1-5-9-2-6-5-3-5-8-9-7-9; pi to fifteen digits. Here are others, some submitted by my Trigonometry students:

          How I, even I, adore campfires in August, while the bears scavenge.

          “Can I have a merry Christmas at Santa’s house?” she asked.

          Pie, I want a piece, blueberry or cherry peach pie helps maniacal cipherers conjure fantasies for an apt mnemonic that brings to faulty mind all the thoughts for an apropos, memorable image.

          “Hah!”  I roar. “I never calculate pi, having known the shady, half-cute, contrived antique mnemonics!”

          Now I need a super difficult pi puzzle, afore our human capacity retaining numbers dissolves and we get mnemonic work.

          Can I have a small container of coffee? These are tough concepts, demanding nightly examining for me.

          Now I, with a small packhorse
          Go toward those low hills
          Constant beckoning
          Driving endlessly
          For in the distance
          Days beyond my memory
          Lies the one sleeping eye.
          Now I will a rhyme construct
          By chosen words the young instruct
Cunningly devised endeavor
Con it and remember ever
Widths of circles here you see
Sketched out in strange obscurity.

Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
in mystic truth and magic spelling;
Numerical sprites elucidate
and to the circular form relate;
If Nature gain, who can complain
yet my critics fulminate. Finis.

Here are some e mnemonics:

To compute a quantity to multiply, a treasure to increase, just apply exponents.

It enables a numskull to memorize a quantity of numerals.

To destroy a building we detonate a quantity of hydrogen bombs.

I’m forming a mnemonic to memorize a function in analysis.

In Florida, a kangaroo is escaping a teenager by bounding over gates.

We wrecked a building on Thursday, a hospital on Saturday, with eight engineers.

He repeats; I shouldn’t be tippling, I shouldn’t be toppling here!

He laughed, I screamed. We embraced a paradise of squeezes. ‘Twas love’s grandiose remarkable gift, silly to die madly for people. Faithfully be juvenile, embrace with passion. I was crazy to forget, stupid to fall, weakening quickly, holding love’s embrace.

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