Monday, December 8, 2014

Leadhead 1 of 3

       The Leadhead Hypothesis

          The endless iteration of pointless violence between Gaza and Israel made me wonder why. I have a horrifyingly logical explanation:
          Leaded petrol.
Check out:
The first is about lead poisoning in Gaza gas station workers. They still sold leaded petrol, sold to them from Israel, and this report was dated 2010.
The second is about lead pollution in Israel. Blood levels in some Israeli children was above hazardous level. This report was dated 1999.
So they were burning leaded gas in Gaza as recently as 2010. There has been lead pollution in Gaza and Israel until very recently; and we now know that leaded gas causes a crime wave twenty years later.
This has been proven by many statistical studies, covering many countries and U.S. states. When leaded gas is introduced to a region, twenty years later crime goes up. When it’s phased out slowly, twenty years later crime falls slowly; when it’s phased out quickly, twenty years later crime falls quickly.
The mechanism of causation is also clear. Lead is a neurotoxin; the youngest children are most vulnerable to its effects; the damage is long-lasting; lead exposure lowers IQ, raises impulsiveness and aggression. These are known factors for criminality for young men.
Kevin Drum calls lead a ‘criminal element’:
Teen pregnancy rates also spike 17 years later; so the girls were also acting impulsively and stupidly.
The Palestinians and the Israelis have been lead-poisoned for quite some time now. Aggression, impulsiveness, low IQ? Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Remember how crazy we were in the 60’s, just before we banned leaded gas? Well they’re just that crazy right now!

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