Monday, January 5, 2015

Free-Fall Reveal

          Free-Fall Reveal

          Once upon a time, a Wizard, a Witch and their Daughter were flying, this time by jet aeroplane, when their Muggle vehicle hit an air-pocket and entered free-fall.
          The Witch shrieked.
          The Daughter had been laughing, and she continued to laugh.
          The Wizard pulled his claim check out of his robe’s breast pocket, let it loose and watched it float in zero-gee. Then the plane pulled up, and the claim check fell into his lap.
          During those few seconds of free-fall, which felt much longer, the Witch shrieked, the Daughter laughed, and the Wizard did a natural-philosophy experiment. Thus each one coped with sudden trouble.

          Moral: Stress reveals character.

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