Thursday, May 12, 2016

Xe, an Underfable


          Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a saucer-riding Grey named Xe; a ruthless meddling mercenary, fraud and war criminal, who ran a gang of the same. “Xe” was in fact a pronoun in xir language, denoting the third sex in xir biology; the transmission, or apex sex. The fact that Xe referred to xirself as a pronoun indicated Xe’s alienation.
          Part of xir MO was psychic terrorism. Xe derived the power of xir telepathic assaults from the flaws in xir own personality, which grew with each success. Soon Xe was quite mad, as was the entire Xe enterprise, and all xir partners. Their plans collapsed, so Xe and xir closest associates took refuge in xir super-bunker; an underground arcology also named Xe.
          But vengeance pursued them, and laid siege upon the underlord’s planet with asteroid strikes. In the final megaseconds Xe went raving mad, ordering into battle spacefleets long vaporized, ranting loudly of the incompetence of underlings and the ingratitude of the masses. Just before the arcology fell, Xe teeked xir own brains out.
          Aeons later, in another galaxy, a mercenary war criminal gang had a PR problem. Because of bad publicity due to their massacres, they had to retire their old brand name, “WhiteOil”. Moved by some strange inspiration, they chose a new name: “Xe”.
Moral: Like calls to like.
Comment: This Underfable was inspired by the mercenary war criminal gang formerly known as Blackwater. They too chose “Xe”, to my amazement. Found poetry this pungent begs to be co-opted for satirical fantasy. But what would a Xe be, other than evil?

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