Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Middle Man, an Underfable

          Middle Man

          Once upon a time, a Dog gazed up with wide eyes at his Human, and he said, “Blessed art Thou, O Master my Man, Filler of the Food-Bowl, Giver of Treats, Taker of Walks! Lovingly I fetch for Thee, and heel and roll over and play dead! Surely from Thee I shall fear no evil, and I shall dwell in Thy House forever.”
          Then a Cat glared down with narrowed eyes at his Human, and he said, “Thou shalt not let My Food-Bowl go empty, nor My Litter-Box stay full. Pet Me only with My permission; but play with Me upon My command. Worship and obey Me, and in return I shall tolerate thee.”
          The Human fed them both, petted them both, changed the Cat’s litter-box, and took the Dog for a walk.
          Afterwards, the Dog said to the Cat, “We treated him differently.”
          The Cat replied, “He treated us the same.”
          The Dog said, “What, then, do Humans want?”
          The Cat said, “Us.”

          Moral: Qui bono?

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