Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stellar Retrodictions, 1 of 2

Stellar Retrodictions
By Sumadastron the Time-Lost

Alchemic furnace, far and bright
Affixed betwixt collapse and blast;
A beacon shining in the night
Until its heart burns out at last.

Four water-making motes shall meet
To make a mote of lesser mass
And thus release a burst of heat
To hold aloft an orb of gas.

The small and dim burn in the sky
A million million years afire;
The middle sooner bloat, then die;
The big by blast, so vast, expire.

Too light to light the carbon way
Its heart grown small and hot and old
Its outer layers blow away
Evaporating to a coal.

Its burnt-out core can fuse no more
For iron’s fire cools the place;
It falls, and with alchemic roar
The rest blasts outward into space.

A stellar coal, self-immolate;
Why doesn’t it give up the ghost?
Its one support for its own weight;
The pressure of difference of motes.

A smaller cinder, lower down;
Each teaspoon has a mountain’s mass;
An atom’s heart, as big as town;
An orb’s penultimate collapse.

Two massive cinders in the night
In spiral dance around they race
Until they smash and blast out light
And shake the very shape of space.

By second messenger afar
We hear a crash! The heavens ring!
O fatal chirp of fallen stars!
From stellar smash, alchemic bling!

A star as dark as night
Where space and time both bend
With no escape for light
And all known law must end.

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