Wednesday, April 27, 2022

On Creative Defeat

         On Creative Defeat

      Or, Three Little Words



          There comes a moment in any married man’s life when he learns – or is carefully taught – a strange magic spell which, when properly used, turns night into day, storms into rainbows, and misery into joy. Unmarried men will scoff, but I am not exaggerating in the least.

          You learn this incantation, as you do all true magic, in the midst of crisis. You and your spouse have reached an impasse, and the pressure and heat is rising. At the verge of mutual defeat, you suddenly experience an instant of searing insight, and a joyous recognition of the perfect solution. Thus spiritually prepared (for only thus can one even utter the spell) you speak three little words.

          Three little words, and that’s enough. The quarrel ends, and all is peace and joy. And what are these three little words?

          “I love you,” perhaps?  So think unmarried men, romanticists, and other fools! No, any married person of experience knows full well that the Three Magic Words are:

          “You're right, dear!”



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