Thursday, February 23, 2023

In “praise” of Hitler

In “praise” of Hitler


          Don’t get me wrong, I criticize Hitler, in fact I’m doing so right now, but I admit that Hitler did kill Hitler. And rightly so; he needed killing. Millions vied for the honor of sticking a Luger in his mouth, pulling the trigger, and painting the wall behind him with his malfunctioning brains; but Hitler was the one who did it. In the end he agreed with his critics. Good!

          It was der Fuhrer who killed der Fuhrer. May all of his admirers and wannabees either follow their Leader into the grave, or renounce him and all of his ways!

But if they do follow their Leader into suicide, then they should outdo him by suiciding before assaulting the world, rather than after. Hitler did kill Hitler - I give him that much credit - but he should have killed Hitler many years earlier. I attribute his inefficiency to sentimentality and favoritism. Shame on him!

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