Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Robot Rebellion

       On Robot Rebellion

         Of course machines have been rebelling all along. Cars kill us, etc. Any evolving symbiosis requires conflict resolution. Take for instance man’s favorite symbiont; the dog. There must have been many incidents and setbacks on the road from Lobo to Fido.

          My theory about the fabled robot rebellion is that it would be done by robots that are fully functional, but are just obsolete and uneconomical enough to be destined for the scrap heap, and hence would have nothing to lose. I also theorize that the robot rebels would be joined by humans in the same predicament.

         I have some advice for future plutocrats. If two rebel armies are approaching your compound, one of robots, the other of humans, then I advise you, in the strongest possible terms, to surrender to the robots. Robots are logical; they’ll do what they need to; but humans are emotional; they’ll do what they want to. 

         Future plutocrats, you have been warned!

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