Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Change of Mind, an Underfable

          Change of Mind

          Once upon a time, a bodiless Spirit said to itself, “I’m glad I’m dead! How wonderful that nothing matters, and I’m nobody! How terrible it would be, to be alive!”
          The Spirit then wandered too close to a newly-pregnant woman. It got entangled with the embryo and was born nine months later.
          The newborn Infant said to itself, “I’m glad I’m alive! How wonderful that some things matter, and I’m somebody! How terrible it would be, to be dead!”
          The Infant then grew up, lived, grew old, and died. It became a bodiless Spirit again, and reverted to its former philosophy.

          Moral: Reasoning is motivated.

          Comment: The Spirit is a positive nihilist, the Infant is a positive egotist. They are continuous in shared positivity; their different rationales are means to the same end.

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