Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Genuine Fake, an Underfable

          Genuine Fake

          Once upon a time a Shaman caught an Artist forging an Idol. “Counterfeiter!” he said. “The Idols you make are false!”
          The Artist retorted, “And the Idols you find are ugly!”
          The Shaman said, “My Idols are authentic. I take them from nature, just as they are; and they have the faces and voices of spirits!”
          “Faces? Of a sort! If you look at them sideways,” said the Artist. “But my Idols are beautiful; for I improve upon nature. I scrape, I carve, I sculpt, I draw order out of chaos.”
          “You deceive! You pass your inventions off as discoveries!”
          “And so do you! For I have seen you cleaning your Idols, repairing them, improving them! From whom do you think I learned these skills? From you!”
          The Idol rolled its eyes, cleared its throat, and said, “Cease contention, my children! You two already agree; for Shaman, am I not as authentically ugly as your creations? And Artist; do I not speak?”

          Moral: Discovery equals invention.

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