Friday, May 6, 2022

Right to Privacy Amendment, Gender Politics of Leaking, Scotus Trilemma

 The Right to Privacy Amendment

Congress shall make no law violating a citizen's right to privacy.


Gender Politics of Leaking

If the Court thinks that women don't have a right to privacy, then it's logical to expect that some women may think that the Court doesn't have that right either. Therefore, by this reciprocal logic, they leak. Some men may also expect to lose privacy rights later, so they too might pre-emptively retaliate against the Court, and be the leakers.

Note that I said that some women might 'reciprocate', and some men might 'pre-emptively retaliate'. This describes well-established behavioral norms, which exist for cultural, genetic, and other reasons. Due to biological variation and individual choice, a minority of men might 'reciprocate' and a minority of women might 'pre-emptively retaliate'. But these are private concerns, and so have no bearing on the leaks, which are public.


The Scotus Trilemma

Citizens have no right to privacy;

Citizens have equal rights with SCOTUS;

SCOTUS has the right to privacy;

Choose at most two.

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