Monday, April 30, 2012

Politically Incorrigible

     Politically Incorrigible

            What! You’re happy? Shameless man!

            How dare you defy our glorious plan?

            Happiness is Anarchy! Just Say Woe!

            When we’re all about to sink, then we’ll all know where to go!

            Now, it’s only to the serious that our methods are mysterious;

            but all those giddy lunatics are obviously daft;

            we told them all just what to think, and in reply they laughed!

            Such folly we dare not respect

            for joy is politically incorrect.


            What! You’re free? Repent that crime!

            We’ll catch you yet; you’ll do your time.

            We’ll tell you what you ought to do

            because we’ve got more sense than you.

            We’re planning for perfection; no minority we’ll shun

            with a single small exception; the minority of one.

            So let’s all crawl back to the caves!

            We’ll all be free! We’ll all be slaves!

            For even a fool can plainly see

            that liberty is not P.C.


            What! You’re living? Cease! Desist!

            What makes you think that you exist?

            And even if a creature such as you could live

            you display no feature we should forgive!

            Your diet makes your guilt official;

            your food was either alive or artificial.

            Life’s highly reprehensible; it’s full of exploitation;

            and even less defensible, it comes from copulation!

            So all in all we do suspect

            that life is politically incorrect.

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