Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Titanic Vacation: entry 12

            Dear Diary:

            Last night I looked thru the Zeffycam family’s telescope. That was Earth night; midday for the Titanians. Also, Gazzik calls it a small telescope, really just a toy. It’s not so small to me.

            Through their Titanic telescope I saw a galaxy; in the galaxy I saw a star; orbiting that star I saw a planet; on that planet I saw a continent; in that continent I saw a valley; in that valley I saw a meadow; in that meadow I saw a four-leaf clover -

            - and just then Zweedrix ran past. He stomped so hard it jostled the telescope. The image zipped and blurred. I tried and tried, but couldn’t even find that galaxy again, let alone that clover. But I swear I heard that clover giggle. It squeaked a tiny little:

            HEE, hee, hee-HEE, hee!

                        Yours, Sogwa

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