Thursday, April 19, 2012

Titanic Vacation; entry 7

            Dear Diary:
            Today they were infected by an ear-worm. You know those annoying little ditties that get stuck in your head? That’s a ear-worm, and the Zeffycams got one bad.

            They picked it up from a human in a pickup truck. He was driving down the highway with his windows open and his stereo cranked to 11. He was sharing his music with the world. The Zeffycams and I were flying right overhead, cloaked, so we heard every note. His music had a heavy bass beat, going over and over like this:


            We veered away, but as soon as we flew out of sight, Zweedrix started  making that same noise, over and over again. Fwee-bah told him to stop, then Jayadu, and finally even Gazzik said quit it, and he did, but by then it was too late. Fwee-bah and Jayadu and even Gazzik had the ear-worm stuck in their heads, and they were all going RUMP-titty-titty-tum-TAH-tee, over and over, again and again and again.

            Lucky for them I was there, ‘cause I know the antidote. I had them all land at the edge of a forest. I got out of my kitty-saucer. I picked up two sticks. I walked over to a hollow log. With those sticks, and on that log, I drummed, with great authority:


            And that cured them! They repeated the antidote, once, then completely forgot both it and the ear-worm. I knew this little trick because I’ve dealt with that particular ear-worm before.

                        Yours, Sogwa

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