Monday, February 11, 2013

Underfables: Beyond the Singularity

     Beyond the Singularity

        Once upon a time a Caveman with a flint knife was carving a hunk of mammoth ivory. A Dog trotted up and licked his face. The Caveman laughed and said “Good to see you, ol’ buddy. Hey, look at this!” And he held up his carving; a portrait of Grandmother. The Dog looked at it and sniffed; then he looked straight at the Caveman and turned his head slightly diagonal. The Caveman put a hand on the Dog’s shoulder. “Dear old friend,” he said, “I wish I could explain it to you!” The Dog yawned, laid his head on his paws, and went to sleep. The Caveman wiped tears from his eyes and resumed carving.

         Moral: The higher, the fewer.

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