Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Underfables: The Magic of the Marketplace

           The Magic of the Marketplace

           Once upon a time, the Masters of the Universe proclaimed the Magic of the Marketplace. They preached the gospel of the Invisible Hand, and Economic Man, and Creative Destruction, and Corporate Personhood, and many other fantastic marvels.

           To prove these mysteries to an astonished public, the Masters of the Universe moved their money around in a circle; and thus, they said, created Value.

           And lo! the Marketplace did indeed work its Magic;
           and the Magic manifested as a price;
           and the price was the value of their money;
           and that value was given by a mystic symbol;
           and that mystic symbol was the circle
                      in which they moved their money.

           And what value does the mystic circle symbolize?


           Moral:  The Invisible Hand is quicker than the All-Seeing Eye.

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