Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet Revenge, An Underfable

         Sweet Revenge
         An Underfable

         Once upon a time a woman, enraged by her ex-lover’s betrayal, conjured up the spirit of Sweet Revenge. The demon offered her three visions of the future.
         The first vision was violent, brutal, and lethal. The woman rejected this gory spectacle with fear and horror, but not without regret. The demon diplomatically approved of her choice. It said politely, “Death’s too good for him.” 
         The second vision was vicious, sneaky and underhanded. In it, she engineered her ex’s exposure, downfall, and humiliation. The woman called this an improvement, but still somehow dissatisfying. The demon acknowledged that many of its clients complain of depression afterwards. It suggested, “Let’s try the high road.”
         In the third vision, she was at an awards ceremony. The speakers praised her intelligence, generosity, and strength of character. After the ceremony, at the reception, he showed up. His clothes were old, his shoes were worn. She greeted him, but spontaneously forgot his name.
         The woman smiled at the demon. She said, “Good.”

         Moral:  Living well is the best revenge.

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