Friday, August 9, 2013

World War Revisionism, a Satire

          I wrote the following in to a Holocaust revisionist website, back in 1997.
          Yes, it is satire. For instance I deliberately misspelled ‘memorabilia’ – or to be precise, I deliberately kept a misspelling that I made by accident! I threw in a ‘ditto, ditto’,  just for fun. Just as fun was the frenetic style and the flawed logic. Scarequoting the horrors of war was black humor, and also harsh witness. If I was going to defend a false proposition, then I’d better play unreliable narrator!
          One of the deniers wrote back to politely ask me not to write again. He had enough of my logic. To reciprocate the honor I delete his email address.


Subj:  World War Revisionism
Date:  01/08/97

The next logical step after Holocaust revisionism...

Why should any proud white man accept the liberal media’s accusation that Europeans fought TWO WORLD WARS? Indeed, why believe that either war occurred AT ALL? What a scandal that would be! How shameful, how discrediting! For Caucasian people to commit such mad deeds would damage the entire race’s claim to moral leadership!

Fortunately, the whole mess is deniable. World Wars? What World Wars? What solid evidence does anybody anywhere have that either of those conflicts ever happened? Photographic evidence? That can be faked; and a vast “Memoriabilia” industry has a clear financial interest in maintaining the “World War” myth. Battlefields? Ditto. Bombed‑out buildings? Ditto, ditto. What’s more, if you go looking, you just won’t find those flattened European cities. Rebuilt during the intervening decades, says the liberal media; but how much simpler to say that those wars never occurred in the first place!

One nice thing about World War Revisionism is that it neatly eliminates, not only the Holocaust, but also the Nuclear Bomb. For what proof exists, aside from “world war” documents, that the United States has ever exploded a nuclear bomb over a city? Or even that those devices exist?

Show me one “proof” that nuclear weapons exist; one “historical document”, one “eyewitness report”, one “atrocity photograph”, one “deathbed confession”, one “mass grave”, a single “traumatized survivor”: and I will show you “proof” that there were World Wars. And if you accept THAT much, why, I could also show you equally valid forensic “proof” (using other well‑publicized documents, reports, photographs, confessions, graves, and survivors) that there was Nazi genocide!

Why deny one story but not the other? Why not deny both, and solve two problems?

World War Revisionism; it’s the only logical solution.


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