Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A Vision of the Five Bikers

      A Vision of the Five Bikers


          I dreamed that I saw a land secretly besieged.

          It did not know that it was under attack.

          Five berserk raiders came, mounted on motorcycles. These five bikers were spirit warriors; they left no physical trace of their deeds. They rampaged and destroyed, but nobody knew. Millions vanished, but nobody ever noticed.

          These metaphysical marauders did not kill; they cancelled out. They erased. Their victims did not die because they were never even born. A Biker’s prey ceased ever to have been. It was an eerie struggle, a ghostly battle with the unborn. The Five Bikers did not kill; they annihilated.

          Thus the population stayed constant. The Bikers ensured this; that was their function.

          The Five Bikers, like the Four Horsemen, were there to keep the human population in check. Thanks to them, our numbers stayed limited, and the cosmos was spared an infestation of humanity.

          Times had changed; Horseman tactics were obsolete on a technological civilization; so the Bikers used subtler means. The Four Horsemen fought by causing death; but these Five Bikers fought by preventing birth.

          They rode under a banner bearing this proud motto:


          They were the Five Bikers of the Ecology, and they annihilated the unborn without mercy.

          I saw Contraception dispense pills, creams, latex devices, and operations.

          I saw Masturbation sell text, picture and video to the lonely.

          I saw Feminism bestow career advice.

          I saw Alt-Gender deliver love without reproduction.

          Most destructive of all was the fifth biker, a hideous giant who swallowed lives whole. Few indeed escaped the depredations of Expense.

          Dismayed at such destruction, I willed myself out of the dream, away, away, awake! But as I rose towards waking, I looked down and saw that the Five Bikers of the Ecology fought alone.

          Only the unborn fell.

          The living were unharmed.

          There was no slaughter.

          No famine.

          No plague.

          No war.

          The Four Horsemen were silent.



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