Monday, March 14, 2022

Abolish Daylight Savings Time

 Abolish Daylight Savings Time


Here I ride a favorite hobbyhorse of mine; the absurdity and unhealthiness of Daylight Savings Time. 

         Twice a year the State officiously interferes with the clock, and with people’s sleep cycles. Twice a year, the entire country suffers from an hour’s worth of jet-lag. Twice a year there is a spike in illness and accidents. This, plus lost productivity, would certainly not be zero, and possibly more than any putative savings on evening lighting. Has anyone done the statistics?

        And as if that weren’t enough, Congress keeps extending DST to absurdly late in the year. Why not complete the nonsense and make it all year round?

“Fall back” is bad enough, but “Spring forward” means we all lose an hour of sleeping-in time. Each Spring I must start each day in pitch black.

 And for what? To “save daylight”? What utter nonsense. Is evening self more important than morning self?

 Abolish Daylight Savings Time!



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