Monday, March 7, 2022

Moron Label

Moron Label



The title of this essay, “Moron Label”, is my satire of “Molon Labe”, which is ancient Greek for “come and take them”, meaning take the weapons. The Spartans said that to the Persian army, and the gun cultists like to quote it. I write to expose the folly of their braggadocio.


Let us briefly pass by the curious fact that the gun cultists are quoting bloody slave-holding communistic pedophiles, from a city which now neighbors poorly-preserved ruins and an archeological dig. Let us instead evaluate the strategic validity of their threat.


When the majority - including the majority of gun owners - finally gets their way and enacts gun control measures like background checks, waiting periods, licenses, fees, training, registration, and insurance; and when some molon-labe-labeled-morons resist these regulations by threat of force; then the elected authorities need not send out police squads to confiscate their weapons.


The government need only mail them fines, or put a lien on their bank accounts, or garnishee their wages, or cancel their credit cards, or some other money squeeze. And they will win. The government need not take their guns; the gun cultists will semi-voluntarily give them up, when their lights go out and their faucets don’t flow.


This will all happen quietly, because peace and quiet is good for business, unlike endless American carnage; and the business of America is business.


Money rules the world; guns are only money’s servants.



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