Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Overpriced and Overrated

Overpriced and Overrated

Though America's war machine is the most expensive in world history, it is not all that effective at winning actual wars. For what outright clear large victories has it won since World War 2? Not Korea, not Vietnam, not Iraq nor Afghanistan. I suppose you could count Grenada, plus many other small defenseless countries. I don't count the Cold War, because it never came to actual direct warfare, or we wouldn't be here. You have to go back to the medieval French knights to find warriors as over-confident, over-equipped, and under-achieving. 

Why is this so? Perhaps it is a perverse sign of inner virtue; that there are some forms of evil that we Americans are just no good at. Or perhaps, instead, it is an equally perverse sign of corruption; that our military is paid to wage wars but not win them, for winning a war ends it. 

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