Friday, March 29, 2013

Making Quota, an Underfable

Making Quota

          Once upon a time, Pharaoh visited the Israelites, and he said unto them, “Please will you help Me by making bricks for My temple city?”

          The Israelites were thrilled by this request. They said unto each other, “Let us work long, hard and at great speed, to impress Pharaoh by our virtue and valor.”

          But “Bob” was amongst them that day, and “Bob” said unto them, “Do no such thing; for I have dealt with Pharaoh, and I know his ways too well. He will weigh and measure and count the bricks that you make today; then he will order his taskmasters to extract from you just that quota, every day from now on.”

          The Israelites asked, “So what must we do?”

          “Bob” puffed on his Pipe. He smiled, and he said, “Let there be Slack!”

          So the Israelites labored as “Bob” would labor; and the bricks they made that day were small, askew, and few in number. Pharaoh weighed and measured and counted those bricks; and he ordered his taskmasters to extract from the Israelites just that quota, every day from then on; just as “Bob” prophesized.

          “Bob” knew Pharaoh too well; therefore he prophesized; therefore the bricks were small, askew and few in number; therefore that was the quota; and therefore lo! the Israelites had Slack.

          Moral: Those you have imposed upon know you.


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